30 Month Well Child Visit

Continue to nuture your child's development at this stage - learn how to nuture your baby's development 

Reading is so important to your toddler's development.  Here are some tips on sharing books with a toddler.  You should find opportunitiees to read with them every day.  

Your child should be buckled in a car seat every time they ride in a vehicle.  Be sure you are following the manufacturer's guidelines for weight and height.  For more information on car seat guidelines and safety, check out these websites: wwwsafercar.gov and thecarseatlady.com

Toddlers are curious by nature.  Enourage their curiosity but keep them safe at the same time.  You could have one out of the way cabinet in the kitchen that doesn't have a safety lock on it.  Stock it with a few plastic cups or bowls that they could stack or bang on.  Make sure that you keep all cleaners and medicines locked up or out of reach.  And always have the Poison Control Center number posted.  1-800-222-1222.  You can even program it into your phone.